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The Ingredients

This revolutionary product contains a unique blend of the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that your home is filled with luxury even down to the last spray!

The key ingredient is fully natural, derived from a tree based in the rainforest of Eastern Australia which is attained through steam distillation with no chemical processes, so each droplet is collected in the most natural way. It carries a warm and refreshingly sweet citrus aroma, which is not overpowering but a subtle scent to arouse the senses.

With an abundance of benefits, ranging from medicinal to therapeutic, it is an ingredient that I feel very passionate about and matches my ethos perfectly. This decadent secret ingredient has been known to uplift the mind and soothe the body whilst also relieving stress, allowing you to truly relax in comfort in your home.

It contains a significantly high percentage of citrus notes, a compound that boasts natural antibacterial properties, making it perfect for cleaning surfaces in your home and even as a room spray, so you can keep that citrus freshness adorning your home for longer.

The distinctive ingredient has potent, natural antioxidant properties which makes it perfect for cleaning, with a natural antibacterial, antifungal, and germicidal benefits.

This was one of the reasons I chose to incorporate this extravagant natural ingredient in Gleaming Gloss, to allow my customers to clean with confidence and also that signature touch of luxury.

I wanted to incorporate a product that not only works as a cleaner but has a range of other benefits. With its aromatherapy properties, Gleaming Gloss helps to clear your mind as well as your home. By including such an expensive ingredient in the blend, I can promise my customers are using the best of the best, used and loved by professionals themselves!