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Our Story


Who better to make a cleaning product than a professional who knows her trade? Created by Kath, Gleaming Gloss was born from luxury, fulfilling a gap in the market, and giving customers a new cleaning experience.

Kath realised the need for natural cleaning products that work and so, Gleaming Gloss was born!

Kath, co-owner of a successful corporate cleaning company, spent over a decade working on superyachts around the world, living in the lap of luxury and elegance. It was this experience that inspired Kath to create her very own, unique product, with its base ingredient coming from the knowledge and experience from her time on yachts. She realised the need for natural products that work, and so Gleaming Gloss was born!

Kath and her team had previously used other cleaning products, but they were not on par with Gleaming Gloss, and so Kath decided to bottle the product and utilise it in her business ventures, so that her customers received the very highest standard of cleanliness and service. Created by professionals, Gleaming Gloss is made from the best of the best and gives customers reassurance that their cleaning regime will meet the highest of standards, giving your home an enviable clean!

During lockdown cleaning services, among other things, were put on hold, leaving homeowners and businesses to tackle the clean themselves. Kath’s customers expressed their need for advice on how to clean without leaving streaks on kitchen gloss or glass surfaces, giving Kath the perfect opportunity to bottle her unique blend for her customers to have their very own multipurpose spray with a professional cleaners magic touch!

Aimed at gloss kitchens, shower screens, glass and most shiny surfaces, Kath recognised the importance of creating a product that would bring a sparkle to her customers kitchens, paired with a refreshing citrus aroma, Gleaming Gloss is the perfect product for any modern home for an enviable streak free finish. Not only is it streak free, but it is also harsh chemical and cruelty free, keeping your home and conscience clean.

It is undeniable that the home is a person’s sanctuary, so it is important that not only is it clean, but it is free from nasty ingredients or airborne particles that can come from cleaning products, which is why Gleaming Gloss boasts proudly about its toxic free status. Kath wanted to create a product that her customers can rely on, which is why Gleaming Gloss was tested at John Moore’s University by its in-house low carbon team, giving customers peace of mind that they are using a reputable cleaning product, created by professional cleaners.

Kath wanted to create a product that her customers can rely on, which is why Gleaming Gloss was tested at John Moores University by its in-house low carbon team

Gleaming Gloss is truly unique, with its bespoke features and an expert finish in a bottle made by professionals. Kath wanted to keep the air of luxury of her product and exclusivity, made by the best, for the best! Gleaming Gloss is distinctively its own, down to its glamorous, signature packaging, making it stand loud and proud from its competitors and giving customers homes a truly grandeur cleaning experience.

Kath believes that self-care starts in the home, creating a clean, magnificent space can help you start your care regime at home, helping to clear your mind. With our unique natural blend, you can rest assured that your home will never be polluted with unnecessary toxins, and only ever fuelled with an exquisite citrus scent.